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C Programming

Welcome to the world of C programming, C is a general purpose, server side, structured programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories in the early 1970's. A story started with Common Programming Language (CPL) which is designed by Martin Richards. Later it is known Basic Combined Programming Language (BCPL). BCPL allow the user to direct access to the computer memory. Ken Thompson at BELL Laboratories wrote his own variant of BCPL and named as B. C is a middle level language which is an outgrowth of BCPL and B. C reduces the gap between high level language and low level language. Hence C is known as Middle Level Language. In year of 1983 an ANSI standard for C emerged. Thus ANSI C is Internationally accepted.

C History

There are several programming languages like C++, java, C#, Python, Perl etc. All these languages are partially inherited from C. Even though, C is considered to be the most common programming language in the world today. C is a core language, having knowledge in C will help you to learn other programming language with ease. C is a stable programming language as it is not revised since 1983 (year C recognized by ANSI standard).

Influence of C Programming Language

Applications of C

  • 100% Linux kernel is written using C.
  • 90% of Unix operating System code are written in C.
  • Both iOS and OSX are written using a combination of C and Objective C.
  • Google.com and youtube.com using C as a server side(back end) programming language.
  • C is widely used in Embedded system application.
  • MATLAB is partially written in C.
  • Python interpreter is completely written in C.
  • Though javascript is client side programming language, node.js become server side programming language only because of C and C++.

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