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Data Structures - Queue

A queue is also another important type of data structure. In queue, a new element will be inserted to the back of all elements(rear) which are already present in an array. In queue, a deletion operation can only be performed on the bottom most or first element ( front ) in an array. Queue is well known as FIFO ie) First In First Out.

Realtime Applications - Queues

  • Car lined in Toll Gate.
  • Luggage Kept on conveyor belts in Airport.
  • People standing in a long line for getting cinema tickets.
  • People moving on an escalator. First step in will be the First step out.

Representation - Queue

Queue can be represented either by using array or by using linked list. For known or fixed amount of elements, queue is represented using array. For unknown or infinite amount of elements, queue is represented using linked list.

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