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Stack is an important data structure in which the elements are stored one above the another which is likely to arranging the test notes after completing the exam. Thus, both insertion and deletion operation of element can be done at top end only. Whenever, new elements are pushed or inserted into the stack, the old element moves done one position. In stack data structure, the first elements is reffered as the top element and it is the only element that may be accessed at any time. A stack is well known as Last In First Out.

Realtime Applications - Stacks

  • Processing the submitted application form manually
  • Serving the food with last washed plate
  • Tower of Hanoi

Operations - Stack


Insert an element at the top of the stack


Delete an element at the top of the stack.


Return an element at the top of the stack without deleting.

Make Null

Clear all the data in the stack.


Returns integer value '1' if stack is empty. Otherwise return '0'.

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